Human Capital Reporting & HR Data Tracking.

John Fillingham is a world-class expert in ISO30414, serving on national and international ISO committees and helping run the ISO committee that has written the technical specifications to support ISO 30414.

Measuring leadership impact

The advice of an LMI expert serves as a compass pointing the direction to efficiently navigate through the maze of HR issues. The advisor provides guidance to help with any concerns or questions that arise in the workplace.

Other Consulting areas:

Employee engagement - how to keep motivated

Every employee wants to feel appreciated and respected. Everyone wants to know that their work matters and their opinion is important to the employer. These are the elements necessary for employee involvement, which in turn translates directly into the financial condition and profitability of the company, strengthens customer loyalty, improves efficiency and contributes to the retention of talents in the organization. Despite this, currently only about 1/3 of employees tend to be fully engaged (Chartered Management Institute). The question is: how to change the level of engagement? An LMI consultant helps to create a work environment that strengthens motivation and commitment. As a result, employees become more effective, efficient and dedicated to their organization.

Effectiveness of HR processes and labour law

Correctly implemented HR processes determine effectiveness in the workplace. Organizations that use best HR practices are able to develop an organizational culture conducive to innovation and flexibility, which allows them to maintain a competitive advantage. An LMI advisor can help you implement the latest, proven practices, which will help you achieve your goals.

LMI offers consultancy in the field of labour law in cooperation with its partners.

HR support during changes 

We live in times of constant change and unpredictability, which affects the way organizations are managed. Labour market constraints, economic uncertainty, the rapid development of new technologies and globalization are the main factors that will shape jobs and the HR profession itself in the years to come.

Even today, according to the latest SHRM reports, the most critical HR issues include employee engagement, the development of next-generation leaders, competitive remuneration, and the fight for talent and their retention.

LMI advisors will help you develop the most appropriate strategic solutions. Based on mutual trust, LMI clients can consult on a specific issue and then help implement the necessary changes.